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Welcome - Now that you have arrived, you must want to know something about log houses.

You have certainly come to the right website, because if you can't see your dream house among the hundreds shown then we can design and have your log home manufactured specially for you.

When you purchase a log house this will be one of the most important decisions in your life, so you need to make the right decision.

The professionals are hear to help you!

The broad range homes and log sizes assure you choose the right home and log size to meet your requirements and preferences.

Wooden Homes Manufacturing

These wooden homes are manufactured from laminated glulam logs, producing our 'Heartwood' homes, this combined with the traditional building trade and latest techniques, produce the best wooden home kits money can buy.

By using special tools our log home professionals can produce high-quality 'Heartwood' logs, which allows the creation of unique construction masterpieces.

This limits any twisting and cracking of the wood that may occur and controls it by using these laminated glulam 'Heartwood' logs in all our wooden log houses, this makes it possible to produced with precise dimensions.

Our log manufacturing uses very little energy, because of the automated production lines.


Laminated Glulam Logs - Log Production Line

Log Home Services

We design and build real log homes in the UK in conjunction with our professional partners, either for residential, holiday or commercial use.

Our design team can handle:
1. Design
2. Planning
3. Building control

Our construction team can handle:
1. Base laying
2. Water services
3. Construction of the building
4. Roofing

Our other services include:
1. Electrical including solar panels etc.
2. Plumbing, Kitchens, Bathrooms etc.
3. Heating - Heat pumps, central heating, radiators and wood burners.


Log House Factory



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