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Log home designs of residential log cabins, self build homes and granny annexes.

The images in this gallery will give you an incite to our modular homes.
The wooden homes within this log cabins gallery show an exterior and interior view of the log homes, giving you a ‘birds eye’ view of what these beautiful cabin homes are really like and what you maybe able to achieve when building and designing your own log house.

Exterior Views
Interior Views
Hirsihvila-482 Log Home
Hirsihvila-2695 Log Home
Exterior View's
Interior View's
Hirsihvila 482
Hirsihvila 2695
Hirsihvila-2770 Log Home
Hirsihvila-2917 Log Home
Hirsihvila-3113 Log Home
Hirsihvila-3943 Log Home
Hirsihvila 2770
Hirsihvila 2917
Hirsihvila 3113
Hirsihvila 3943
Hirsihvila-5509 Log Home
Hirsihvila-5799 Log Home
Hirsihvila-6001 Log Home
Hirsihvila-6085 Log Home
Hirsihvila 5509
Hirsihvila 5799
Hirsihvila 6001
Hirsihvila 6085
Hirsihvila-6092 Log Home
Hirsihvila-6551 Log Home
Hirsihvila-6768 Log Home
Hirsihvila-6832 Log Home
Hirsihvila 6092
Hirsihvila 6551
Hirsihvila 6768
Hirsihvila 6832
Hirsihvila-7301 Log Home
Hirsihvila-7698 Log Home
Hirsihvila-7713 Log Home
Hirsihvila-8161 Log Home
Hirsihvila 7301
Hirsihvila 7698
Hirsihvila 7713
Hirsihvila 8161
Hirsihvila-8216 Log Home
Hirsihvila-9784 Log Home
Hirsikoti-1875 Log Home
Hirsikoti-2785 Log Home
Hirsikoti 8216
Hirsikoti 9784
Hirsikoti 1875
Hirsikoti 2785
Hirsikoti-2892 Log Home
Hirsikoti-3798 Log Home
Hirsikoti-3927 Log Home
Hirsikoti-4161 Log Home
Hirsikoti 2892
Hirsikoti 3798
Hirsikoti 3927
Hirsikoti 4161
Hirsikoti-4566 Log Home
Hirsikoti-5029 Log Home
Hirsikoti-5618 Log Home
Hirsikoti-5987 Log Home
Hirsikoti 4566
Hirsikoti 5029
Hirsikoti 5618
Hirsikoti 5987
Hirsikoti-6151 Log Home
Hirsikoti-6239 Log Home
Hirsikoti-6316 Log Home
Hirsikoti-6388 Log Home
Hirsikoti 6151
Hirsikoti 6239
Hirsikoti 6316
Hirsikoti 6388
Hirsikoti-6928 Log Home
Hirsikoti-6969 Log Home
Hirsikoti-7152 Log Home
Hirsikoti-7218 Log Home
Hirsikoti 6928
Hirsikoti 6969
Hirsikoti 7152
Hirsikoti 7218
Hirsikoti-7269 Log Home
Hirsikoti-7337 Log Home
Hirsikoti-8482 Log Home
Hirsikoti-10224 Log Home
Hirsikoti 7269
irsikoti 7218
Hirsikoti 8482
Hirsikoti 10224