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Glulam Log House | Heartwood Glulam Log Homes

Heartwood glulam logs are manufactured from the very best timber and are formed from selected timber, which is glued together using a special glue, with the 'Heartwood' or hard center of the trees facing outward on both sides of the logs, assuring the very best weather protection from the harder surface on the timber. This is not always found in 'cheaper' Log Cabin Homes.

You are guaranteed the highest quality when you buy a Log Cabin Home from House-uk.

Laminated glulam logs are manufactured in many sizes, dimensions of the massive mansion-style Kartano logs are:

180 x 260, 202 x 260, 240 x 260 or 270x260 mm.

These massive glulam logs may not need additional wall insulation, just so long as other areas of your log home can offset the extra 'U' value needed to be achieved in the UK.

Logs for log cabin homes

Below you will see the thickness and height of other glulam logs in the range from 88 x 180 to 240 x 260mm.

Local UK  building regulations will determine if additional internal insulation is needed.

If the above is the case it is important to use breathable insulation because it preserves the ‘breathing’ properties of walls, which are very important in a log house.

Breathable insulation material is placed on the inside of the outer walls within the stud-work, which can also accommodate the electrical installation.

Log panels, which serve to retain an original log-house ambiance is provided in the log house kit if you choice to have the interior of the outer walls have an all wood finish, the wooden panel surfaces can be painted or left as a natural wood finish which offer other alternative decoration possibilities.

If you choose not to have wood paneling then this can be replaced with materials like plasterboard, MDF or other similar materials, we do not provide these as it is cheaper to purchase these in the UK.

Log cabin homes log range

Log homes combine a wonderful clean atmosphere.

With such a wide range of glulam log sizes available we are sure you will find the right log size that meets preferences and construction requirements.

We only use high-quality pines and spruces as raw materials for our residential log cabins homes, this timber is grown in a very cold climate and where the soil provide forests with the very best growing conditions.

Timber grown in such a favorable climate where the summer and winter growth are in mutual balance. By growing the timber in these conditions the structure of the wood becomes very durable making it very suitable for the manufacture and construction of log homes.

Depending on your requirements and the needs of your local building control, our glulam log homes can be built with either additional insulation, as described above, or with the use of solid massive logs.

House-uk can provide log homes using two methods:

  1. Using a solid massive logs for all outer walls forming a single solid layer of logs.
  2. Combining a thicker log for the external walls and then using a thinner log for the internal wall, this gives a double log wall, called twin log, with insulation material between.

Both methods meet all the requirements necessary for a quality wooden house.

You have a choice of either spruce, which is the pearl of the forests or the traditional pine, with its red-glowing beauty, as the glulam logs for your home. Both these species of wood make excellent building materials for constructing glulam log houses.

Only Northern Scandinavian Pine or Spruce which comes from managed and sustainable forests are used for our log homes

The Northern Scandinavian timber used in our prefabricated homes is grown near to the Arctic Circle, which is extreme cold, the tree growth rates are very slow and the wood has a very tight grain and higher density than the same wood grown in other countries who manufacture log houses e.g. Lithuania, Estonia and others in the same region.

When the timber is felled this is called logging and takes place in managed forests that support sustainable replanting.

As the timber is grown in these very cold regions it produces tight grained timber with a high density which provides timber that is more stable and far less likely to twist, warp, crack and drip sap all over the place, as is very often the case with timber grown in more template climates, you must have seen these log houses advertised very cheaply on the internet.

The timber used for our glulam logs is cut from the center of the tree, this is known as the heart wood, hence we call our log houses heartwood log homes, this is the oldest part of the tree, making it the hardest and densest timber in the tree, this timber is then kiln dried to a constant moisture content suitable for the region where the log home development is to take place.

From what you have read so far you can see we ONLY use the very best high quality wood for our log homes and high quality wood is not only expensive it is in short supply.

Needles to say when you see log houses and cabins advertised at unbelievably low prices, your own common sense tells you there must be something wrong and the only thing a manufacturer can do to make a real difference in the price is to compromise on the quality of the timber used, as it is the timber that forms the largest part of the product.

We are constantly receiving requests from log house manufacturers in these countries to sell their houses for them, simply because they are loosing a vast amount of market share as existing agents get fed up with having to deal with complaints from customers who have purchased these types of buildings. Needless to say we very politely decline and they wonder why!

The massive manor Logs

The massive manor Logs 180-270 × 260 these are suitable for individual family log cabin homes or other large public buildings. 

These massive logs usually do not require additional insulationdepending on the Uk building regulations. 

The Kartanohirtemme has a size of 270 × 260 mm and although the thickness of the logs has increased, its keeps a well balanced shape.

Massive glulam logs


Our log range has a new and spectacular log. this high riser is the Hirsidimensio 134 x 260, this log is particularly suitable for holiday lodge market..



Within our wide range of glulam logs you can find what we believe is on e of the widest ranges of options for wide variety of applications. 

It is most unlikely any of the logs will crack or twist, glulam logs are engineered logs with machined corners and joints.

Heavy Duty Tongue and grove ensures there is no leakage.

Short corners are very suitable if you are building your log home in the vicinity of more traditions houses and in urban areas.  

Diagonal corner angles can vary from 45 to 90 °.

Log                                                                                Glulam log angles



Our log homes and  holiday lodges, can be constructed in several different corner types enabling you to construct you dream home in virtually any situation.

Modern flat corners 

This modern corner type is  a product of development resulting in a corner solution for certain situations.

City corner log solution

The crossover in the corner are shorter and covered with a square profile thus streamlining the appearance of the house, in fact at a distance it is difficult to tell that it is a log house, therefore allowing it to blend in with other more tradition houses in the vicinity.

Then there is the traditional cross corner sections seen in most log cabins.

Log house corner solutions



You may wish to build your dream log home with the double wall structure.

The structure more often used is the outer wall is in 112mm thick log with 100mm of studs fixed to it with sliding brackets to allow for log  movement, into which is placed the appropriate insulation, then either  log paneling, plasterboard or a similar material is fixed to the studs. (please see photo below)

Insulation can also be implemented on the outside of the house and finished off with log paneling, allowing you to enjoy the log surface on the inside of your log home.

The other method is to build a twin log house with two rows of log and the insulation goes in between the two rows of log.

To discuss your requirements please phone 01945  410 361

Log cabin homes wall insulation profile

Wall insulation profile for log cabin homes